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What is the dash?

The camera installed on the drums of the car is usually installed on the windshield from inside the car and can also install another on the rear glass and according to dash cam can do many things such as: recording events whether the car is in play mode or even in fire mode, and can record the video with or without sound, and can also link to the mobile and send all sections in its field and therefore can save sections reused
Model: 646020884354
 4k المواصفات :- تصوير فديو بدقة واي فاي + جي بي إس مدمج  صغيرة الحجم  تطبيق خاص  Full HD كاميرا أمامية + كاميرا ..
Model: 656154015990
هي كاميرا أمامية باتجاه الطريق من شركة شاومي تصوير عالي الوضوح  مواصفات الداش:- -تصوير عالي الوضوح بدقة Ful HD زاوية الرؤية 130 درجة&nbs..
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Why do I buy dash cam?

We use the car every day and we go through a lot of events that we may not pay attention to, and sometimes we need to document everything that passes us and to have proof in case we are subjected to an event or harassment on the way and to provide safety For me and my family, we need dash cam to come back whenever we want, as well as for photographers who like to document their moments. We're safe dash cam, providing you with everything you need and more to trust the needs and needs of the community.

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Our specialized team works in this field to provide safety for you, your family and your loved ones, and our goal is to satisfy our dear customers by providing all options that suit everyone, and we do not dispense with your suggestions in order to improve your service through the available communication channels.
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