Privacy Policy and Confidentiality of Information

 The (Aman Dash Cam) store welcomes you, and thanks you for your trust in it, and (Aman Dash Cam) informs you that out of its full interest and awareness that the user has rights, (Aman Dash Cam) seeks to preserve users’ information in accordance with the privacy policy mechanism and the confidentiality of information  Applied in store (safety dash cam).  Accordingly, (Aman Dash Cam) store explains to you that the privacy policy and confidentiality of information under which your information will be treated is as follows:

 First: Information obtained by the (Aman Dash Cam) store and maintained in its databases:

 User personal information, such as name, age, email and mobile number.

 User's personal login information, such as username, password, email, question and answer for password retrieval.

 The nature of the online platform may dictate some information relating to cookies for electronic purposes that facilitate interaction between the store and the user.

 Second: Does the Security Dash Cam store share this information?

 Of course, the (Aman Dash Cam) store seeks to keep this information in a way that preserves the privacy of the user, and the (Aman Dash Cam) store does not keep this information except for the purpose of improving the quality of the online store and facilitating the interaction between the (Aman Dash Cam) store and the user.

 As a rule, all this information is available only to the administrators of the store (security dash cam), and they will not publish it or broadcast it to others.

 Since the (Security Dash Cam) store seeks to maintain the safety of users, - in the event that (Safety Dash Cam) store notices any illegal or illegal activity carried out by the user - (Safety Dash Cam) store may inform the relevant authorities after consulting a private lawyer  In a store (safety dash cam).

 Third: How secure is the confidentiality of store information?

 Store (Aman Dash Cam) seeks to maintain the confidentiality of information and privacy policy for users and will not violate the provisions of these rules and policies.  However, since this cannot be 100% guaranteed by online means, we note the following:

 The Security Dash Cam Store seeks to preserve all information related to the user and not be viewed by anyone who violates this policy applicable to the Security Dash Cam Store.

 The Security Dash Cam store works to protect this information through servers that are protected by electronic security systems.

 However, since the Internet cannot be guaranteed 100% of what may happen from hacking or viruses to electronic security systems and firewalls, the (Security Dash Cam) store advises users to keep their information completely confidential, and not to disclose any information that the user deems very important to  It is in the interest of the store (security dash cam) to guide and guide users.

 Fourth: Terms and Conditions for Using the Store (Aman Dash Cam)

 All obligations of the (security dash cam) store, all obligations of users, and all rights contained in the relationship between the user or consumer and (security dash cam) store, here, because these rules are the "Privacy Policy and Confidentiality of Information" stemming from the agreement between the user and (security dash cam)  Dash Cam) regarding the legal and legal relationship between them, and the privacy and confidentiality policy has been developed to ensure the credibility and trust that the (Aman Dash Cam) store is keen to provide to users.